5 Benefits of Renting a Catamaran Charter When in Greece 

Water or nautical tourism is a growing travel niche with an itinerary primarily focused on water activities, including sailing, boating, and cruise charter. According to one report on the global nautical tourism industry report, over 33 million boats are engaged in the sector, including catamarans, yachts, sailboats, and motorboats. Moreover, the report predicts a 5.4% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) in the sector by 2031. 

Greece is among the leading travel destinations with a thriving nautical tourism industry, thanks to the 10000 miles of Mediterranean coastline. The country has numerous boat charter companies renting diverse vessels. However, below are the top reasons you should rent a catamaran while exploring Greece. 

Catamarans Are More Comfortable Than Other Charter Vehicles 

Comfort is a significant consideration when booking a charter boat for sailing. The water vessel should be comfortable regardless of whether it is navigating choppy seawater or docked along the beach. Catamarans are arguably the most comfortable water vessels to enjoy a water holiday pegged on sailing. 

If comfort is your priority while exploring the Greek isles, below are reasons to rent a catamaran charter Greece. First, catamarans are roomier than standard sailboats or monohulls; they feature two halls, one on each side, creating twice the room in a standard sailboat. 

Additionally, the adjoining or middle area connecting the two cabins on each hull creates additional space that can function as a lounge area. Therefore, catamarans have more rooms, bathrooms, and other utilities.  

Catamarans are available in diverse sizes, from smaller charter vessels that can hold a family to larger yacht-style charters. Depending on your preferences, you can choose to charter a catamaran with more room per passenger or more passengers per vessel. However, the standard catamaran charter boat cruising Greek waters should accommodate approximately eight people, exclusive of a two-person cabin crew. 

Besides being roomy, catamarans have better balance than monohull sailboats because the dual hall design creates a broader base for balance. Therefore, the catamaran is unlikely to bob from side to side, even when cruising through Greek islands notorious for choppy waters and robust northerly winds.  

An ideal Greece nautical holiday is more about serenity, tranquillity, taking in the views, and less about worrying about spilling your bubbly and making a mess. A catamaran offers you the kind of tranquillity that you can only expect from the holiday of a lifetime. 

Catamarans Have A Sturdy And Safe Design 

Besides creating additional cabin space, a catamaran’s unique design serves multiple functions that enhance its stability, safety, and performance. First, the double hulls on a catamaran mean that the vessel’s greater height is above water than below the water’s surface.  

Therefore, catamarans have less drag and cruise through seawater with greater ease due to their hydrodynamic design. One publication on the physics of sailing defines drag force as the resistance that a boat generates when moving through water. The publication further shows that the central portion of a sailboat that generates drag is the keel or the narrow bit at the bottom of the boat. 

However, unlike monohulls, catamarans feature a keel-free design. Therefore, they move significantly faster (25%-30%) than monohull sailboats. Such speeds are ideal for covering long sailing distances within a shorter period. 

Also, a catamaran’s keel-free design makes it easier for the vessel to dock in shallow waters. Its ability to navigate shallow waters without incurring damage makes it ideal for reef-related activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. 

Third, unlike motorboats and monohull sailboats that operate on one engine, catamarans feature two motors and can operate with one of them off. Catamarans can run at full projected speeds at half power. 

Lastly, boats have two types of stability, static and dynamic stability. A boat’s stability relies on its capacity to maintain its center of gravity. A catamaran’s broad base enhances its center of gravity within its lateral margins, helping the vessel maintain static and dynamic stability.  

Therefore, catamarans are more stable, hence have a significantly lower risk of capsizing or sinking. While all licensed charter boats plying the Greek isles are certifiably safe, catamarans have a functional design with more safety features, ideal for nautical travel with children. 

They Offer Versatile Charter Options 

Greece is a year-round sailing destination with a robust sailing industry for diverse consumer needs. For example, experienced sailors may prefer a hands-on approach whereby they navigate the catamaran independently rather than hiring a crew. 

On the other hand, other experienced and novice sailors may prefer to hire a skipper only rather than an entire crew. A local catamaran’s skipper is more familiar with the vast Greek coastline and can help sailors navigate typical problem areas like the islands where the turbulent Meltemi winds blow. The Meltemi winds are robust wind currents that blow from the northern part of the Greek islands at speeds of up to 30 knots and can blow consistently for up to a week.  

Lastly, you can hire an entire catamaran, including a cook and a steward, if you desire a 100% hassle-free catamaran charter, where all you do is sail, eat, and have fun at designated pitstops. Catamarans have ample room to accommodate the basic charter crew as available in a yacht charter.  

You Can Have a Privacy  

As previously stated, catamaran charter boats have twice the space and amenities of a monohull boat. On the other hand, they are smaller than cruise ships and ferries.  

Therefore, they accommodate a reasonable number of passengers (less than ten), allowing them exclusive access to amenities like bathrooms. Catamarans are ideal for small familiar groups, like couple friend groups, where passengers can enjoy the perfect balance of privacy and familiarity. 

They Offer Flexibility 

Also, the Greek isles have over 6000 islands, yet a standard charter lasts approximately two weeks; two weeks is hardly enough time to explore 6000 islands. A catamaran charter offers more flexibility than a cruise ship charter’s rigid itinerary that accommodates the host of passengers.  

The passengers in a catamaran are familiar with each other and can reach a consensus to adjust the itinerary within minutes. Flexibility is necessary when sailing the Greek isles because weather patterns and interests can change before the trip ends. 


A catamaran is the most relaxing, safe, and enjoyable way to explore Greece and its climate, diverse landscapes, culture, and heritage. However, given their benefits, they are in high demand, so ensure you rent a catamaran charter in advance to get the most affordable charter rates.  

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