A Detailed Guide To Holidays In India For First Timers

For those who have never visited India, it might seem like a country with snakes and a lot of hungry people. If you’re also having the same perception about India, then it’s time to think again; India is one of the fastest developing countries, fourth among the Most Powerful Nations globally and it’s known as the fifth largest GDP in the world. So when you are planning to book you holidays in India and find it to be a time-consuming task, here is a detailed guide that will discuss everything you need to know about planning for India tours as a first-timer.

The Best Time To Go To India

India is a diverse country, not only in terms of culture but also in terms of weather conditions. While there is always a suitable time to visit a particular place in India such as one can spend summers in Shimla to avoid heat waves and can spend some time by the beachside in Goa during the winter season, the best time to visit here is during December to March as the months like April, May, and June are hot.

This is why most people consider exploring the best of India holidays during the winter seasons. From December to March, it is the best time to visit India, whether you would like to visit the terrific beaches and backwaters of south India or simply enjoy the beach life of Goa. But when you cannot wait till winter and would like to visit India on luxury holidays to India, visiting hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Leh, etc can be the right choice to make.

How To Get There?

Unlike the common belief, India is not a land of jungles and animals. It is the fastest growing economy and is well connected to the global countries and almost every city in India is easily accessible through flights, trains and buses. Reaching India from any other country is possible via air and it’s one of the fastest modes of transportation available. One can reach India by landing at international airports like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

What To Pack For India Tours?

When you are visiting a country for the first time, it is very common to get confused about what to pack or what to not pack in your luggage. Of course, you would not want to feel ditched just because you got too warm clothes and didn’t feel too cold here. So make sure to go smart and consider buying most of your stuff from India, according to the weather conditions. But since you cannot buy everything, you must pack a bag, which must be done according to the length of your stay in this country.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you must bring a wheeled suitcase, especially when you are going to stay for longer and would be touring mostly between cities. The best part about using this wheeled luggage is that they let you even squeeze everything you want to carry. Make sure to choose the right size of luggage so you don’t have to stuff something in your handbag.

What about some of the essentials will you need? It is very important when you are visiting India for an extended duration. So, when you are planning to explore the North and South of India during the stay, you’ll need to pack for extremes.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit India?

When planning to visit India, it is important that you get a visa, especially when you are coming from UK or USA. To get a visa to India, it is important to have a passport with at least two blank pages for your visa and is valid for a minimum of 180 days.

Some Helpful Mobile Apps You Must Use

When you are planning for luxury holidays in India you can use some useful mobile apps that will help make the whole journey a seamless one. Having a few mobile apps ready on your device can save you a lot of time and make booking travel and accommodation a lot easier include. Some of these mobile apps include:

  • IRCTC for booking buses, travel packages, trains, etc.
  • Zomato to order healthy and hygienic food with your mobile device
  • Skyscanner app to book flight tickets with a single ticket
  • Oyo is helpful for booking cheap as well as luxurious hotels across India
  • Ola / Uber / InDriver to book taxis and bike taxis on a budget
  • Google Maps helps you reach your destination with an appropriate route map

Final Words

We hope this blog can be helpful for people who want to explore India without any hassle. The goal is to help make the entire process easier. For first timers we suggeste to book the tour package with a trusted and reliable travel planner who can help with everything that you might need for your comfort and safety in India holidays. It also saves a lot of your time and also makes sure that you have health insurance available so you get appropriate medical attention in case of a medical emergency.

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