Amazing Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka

If amazing golden beaches, greenery, rising waves and misty mountains with a majestic past fascinate you, Sri Lanka is sure to be your ideal travel destination. With so many tourist attractions places, this small yet fascinating island had always been at the top of the list of global travelers. If you’ve never been to Sri Lanka and wondering what makes it so special, here is a blog that will make things easier for you to make the right decision.

Fascinating World Cultural Heritage Sites

One of the best parts about choosing Sri Lanka Holidays is that this is a small country but still you will have the opportunity to explore 6 amazing UNESCO-protected cultural heritage sites. In Sri Lanka, you can visit the ancient Rock Fortress of Sigiriya where you will marvel at the magnificent palace remains. Then you can head to the Sacred City of Kandy where you can discover the famous Temple of the Tooth which houses a tooth relic of the Buddha and feel the piety of the locals. Dambulla Cave Temple is also a very good place to visit, which holds 157 Buddhist statues.

Cultural Diversity

We all know that Sri Lanka is the land of a culture where you can connect with religious people, with the majority (about 70%) being Buddhists, which means you can enjoy visiting various Buddhist temples and statues across the country. But that doesn’t mean only Buddhists are living here as you can also notice a pinch of other religions here as Hindus, Muslims, and people of other religions also live here in harmony. We can say that when you choose Sri Lanka family holidays, you will have the chance to admire the architecture of various cultures and styles.

Wonderful Wildlife

If you have always dreamed about experiencing the wildlife and wild creatures in their natural habitat, then you must not miss a chance to visit Sri Lanka as this is the land of wildlife creatures with an abundance of elephants, leopards, whales, birds and more. For global travelers who have a special interest in wildlife, It has always been one of the best destinations for seeing wildlife in Asia.  In Sri Lanka, you can visit Yala National Park for spotting leopards while UdaWalawe National Park is excellent for an up-close look at wild elephants. Similarly, if you want to experience whales, head to Mirissa or Trincomalee where you’ll have a good chance of seeing these lovely mammals.

Beautiful Beaches

If you have ever noticed Sri Lanka on the global map, you’d know that this country is surrounded by sea waters from all the sides, which means you can enjoy beaches all around here. This place is blessed with charming coastlines, most of which are in the south, west, and north of the Island. Some of the most renowned places to visit and experiences stunning beaches here are Unawatuna, Mirissa, Trincomalee, Bentota, etc. One good thing here is that Bentota, which is a resort town on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, has been rated “the World’s Most Beautiful Beach” by the European Tourism Association. Whether you’re looking for Sri Lanka holidays to spend some time with your family or looking for an adventure trip with your friends where you can enjoy activities like surfing or snorkeling, there’s a strip of sand for that.

Friendly People

The best thing that most global travelers love about Sri Lanka is that this is the land of various communities where each of them lives in harmony. And the best part is that they are very friendly and welcoming.This also makes you feel special and safe, even when you’re roaming on the streets that are 1000s of miles away from your homeland. The hospitality of Sri Lankans is sure to make you feel greatly touched.

Delicious traditional food

Do you like feasting on delicious cuisines? Are you fond of great food? Sri Lanka is the place where you’d love to visit and enjoy your time. According to global travelers who have ever visited Sri Lanka, this is a place of great good. This is not just the place where you can enjoy seafood, there are many curries that you can enjoy in Sri Lanka. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, there are multiple options available like chicken curry, mutton curry, vegetable curries, lentils or fruits. So even if you are a vegetarian, there’s nothing to worry about.

A Paradise For Photo Lovers

There is a reason that Sri Lanka is called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean; this is an ideal place for photography and professional photographers as they can enjoy capturing amazing shots of wildlife, sea creatures and more. After all, this country is the land of rich cultural heritage, lush green jungles, rolling tea estates, and a lot more, making it the right choice for your next Sri Lanka family holidays. Are you an Instagram influencer? Believe me, you can have endless photography options here in Sri Lanka.

Final Words

The above-mentioned are just a few reasons that make Sri Lanka a must-visit place for global travelers looking for holidays with their friends or family members. This is also a great choice when you want to opt for a romantic trip with your beloved. It is important that you look for the best Sri Lanka family holidays’ service providers so you can be sure to have a comfortable experience on this small yet fascinating island. Before making the final choice, make sure to plan your itinerary and get a package that fits your budget so you don’t have to worry about anything on the trip. Plan ahead everything to avoid any kind of hassle, especially when you are planning for Sri Lanka family holidays.

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