How To Produce Plagiarism-Free Essays?

Theft crimes aren’t just committed by thieves, they are committed by your everyday students as well. The theft crime we are talking about is plagiarism – something we all do at some point in our life. This can happen when you start your work too late and realize you only have enough time to copy-paste. Moreover, when students don’t know how to cite and provide references properly, they commit plagiarism. So if you want to submit plagiarism-free work, our essay writers hub is here to teach you how!

First of all, let’s get into the basics – plagiarism means taking someone’s work and using it as your own. This is unethical because you get credit for someone else’s hard work which you don’t deserve. Schools are keen on making sure you don’t do that especially when it comes to writing essays. Hence, if you want to write completely original essays, let’s explore the best tips!

Research Heavily

Writing an original essay starts with thorough research, hence you’ll need to start early. If you want to write an essay where you won’t need to copy everything, use as many resources as you can. So get your nerd glasses on and start looking through books in the library and online articles. The more resources you have, the less you will need to copy someone’s work. Moreover, your work will look better too, if you have multiple great sources. Finally, if you are struggling to find resources, consult your teacher for help, they will guide you.


After going through so many resources, you must have a good idea about your essay. The next thing you need is your own ideas, so start brainstorming right away! If you feel blank, simply dump your ideas on a blank page and you will find yourself coming up with some amazing stuff. If you are reading this article, you are probably in high school or college by now, so you should have faith in your own ideas. Once you start using your unique perfective, you won’t have to worry about plagiarism at all.

Take Notes

This is one of the most important things while writing an essay – something students always tend to skip. Notes are your best friend, not a waste of time! If you are writing and an idea pops up in your head, take notes right then. Even when you are researching sources, you will need to take notes of the author, the sources, and the date. If you can, you should rather note the reference and citation as soon as you read something. This will not only save your time in the future but also help you keep track of all your sources.

Quotation Marks

We understand that sometimes you have to use someone’s work as it is for your essay. No, this isn’t because you are trying to save your time by copying someone’s work or combining others’ work. Sometimes you have to quote definitions or terms for more technical and science-related subjects. Hence, you can’t paraphrase everything or use your own ideas in your essay. In such cases, you should rather use quotation marks to avoid making it look like you just stole someone’s work. In this way, you can use people’s speeches, definitions, or other important things and give them credit.


This is the first rule when it comes to using sources for your essay, you have to paraphrase everything. However, this doesn’t mean that you simply change one of two words in a sentence into their synonyms. The best thing you can do while paraphrasing is to go through the work and then narrate it in your own words. Avoid reading someone’s work line by line and then trying to come up with your own words. Simply go through the whole thing and then try writing it in your essay. Moreover, you can note their reference in the meantime.

Learn About Referencing Styles

Many students end up committing plagiarism unintentionally because they don’t know how to reference or cite. When it comes to citing and referencing, you can’t just follow the same style for every subject. Always remember to ask your teacher to explain what kind of citing and referencing style they prefer for their subject. Next, read up on the referencing style carefully and watch tutorials if necessary. There are many helpful guides on the internet that can help you learn how it works within no time.

Use An Online Tool

Referencing by your own self can take time but the internet solves that problem for you. There are many great tools on the internet for referencing any source in the right format. All you need to know is what format your field requires and search for online referencing tools. While there are many great tools out there, you might get confused about what to choose from. Here’s a more simple approach, simply enter the name of the research article on Google Scholar. Under the results, look for quotation marks under the link and click on it – you’ll find the reference.  

Get Help From An Online Expert

This is something many students don’t know about – there are experts available online to help you reduce plagiarism. This is a great option for when you need to submit something important that also carries a lot of marks. If you fear that your document is huge and you might miss out on something sources, get help from experts. There are many platforms that can even offer to check your work for you for free! However, if you are ordering from these services for the first time, these are the steps you should follow:

  1. Go through the website thoroughly to make sure there are no red flags or you might get scammed.
  2. Once you are sure it looks safe, confirm the price of their service for checking your document.
  3. After this, they’ll ask you about the details of your order, so remember to be thorough and elaborate.
  4. Once they calculate the price for you, ask them to clarify if there are any added charges.
  5. Although this stage is optional, you can even ask to connect with your assistant directly.

Note: Some companies even allow you to choose your assistant from their pool of expert profiles. If you feel skeptical about the writer, choose one for yourself – they won’t charge you for it. Moreover, remember to submit your work at least one or two weeks prior to your actual deadline. This is because if you hire them at the last moment, they will charge you extra for giving you a priority package. Furthermore, if they end up making mistakes, you won’t have enough time to avail their free revisions option.


So there you go, this is everything you need to know to avoid plagiarism in your essays. Many students end up copying work from the internet because they don’t start their work late. Meanwhile, other students end up committing plagiarism because they don’t know how to cite properly or forget to mention a source. Whether you do it unintentionally or intentionally, your teacher will catch you because they have advanced online tools for it. So make your work plagiarism-free using the tips above provided by the top essay help and get the highest grades!