Incontinence Products: Choosing The Better Option for Your Needs 

You no longer have to worry or be ashamed when you have incontinence. It is treatable depending on the cause. While you undergo the treatment, you can use incontinence products to prevent you from the shame of leakages and restore your confidence to be in public and interact with people without them knowing.  

There are many incontinence products you can get in the market, making the selection process challenging. Most users try different products before settling on the right product; this process is time-consuming and may confuse first-timers. Instead of energy and effort, consider this guideline when selecting ideal incontinence products.  

1. Select the Right Size 

Incontinence products are available in sizes ranging from L to XXL; the ideal choice will depend on your waist size and comfort level. Not all brands stock all the sizes; hence you have to go through their products to understand the sizes stocked for customer needs. Still, size selection is a major challenge to people who may not understand how to use the size calculator for selection. 

If you do not understand how to use the size calculator, the simple method is to measure your hips and waist size. You can use these dimensions to pick the right size from the shelves or online since the products have the size printed on the packaging. You do not need to select the exact size; you need a slightly smaller or bigger product. For the first time, you can select a slightly bigger and smaller one for trial purposes. 

After using the two, you can determine which one you are comfortable with; hence you shall have found the correct size. Normally, you should select a slightly smaller one to fit you perfectly and avoid challenges such as sagging when filled with fluids. Not all the brands will provide the exact size; hence you need to consider other factors after size to enable you to stick to the brand for future needs. 

2. Add some Extra Protection 

This may not be necessary, but in the case of severe incontinence, you need some extra protection layer. The extra protection layer will absorb the excess fluids enabling the diapers to last longer before needing a change. Stick to the changing duration to avoid other effects such as extreme heat, skin burns, or odors.  

If you need a protection layer, consider using underpads, you can select either the disposable or reusable option depending on your budget, hygiene, and incontinence levels. The underpads can also be suitable for night uses to protect the mattress from drenching in fluids. Other products to consider include booster pads and waterproof pants.  

3. Consider Types of Products 

There are many incontinence products available in the market, suitable and recommended for various needs. All you have to do is to select an ideal one based on your needs.  

The list includes briefs, underwear, pads, male guards, and diapers. The diapers, briefs, and underwear will be suitable for the day and serve as fits to prevent incontinence when you are going out in public. You can also use them at night to protect the fluids from leaking into the mattress or bedsheets. 

Brands have different underwear products: pull-up underwear, absorbent, and protective underwear. Despite having a similar name, sometimes they serve different purposes. The underpads are an additional protection layer for protecting the mattress, entire bed, and bedding from leaks. They are suitable for adults and children with no diapers, underwear, or severe incontinence. The pads or bed sizes are available in different sizes for children and adults.  

4. Analyze Cost 

Cost is the main focus for many people when buying products. What you get will vary based on your budget; hence you can get a wide range from affordable to expensive. The difference is in the quality. Mist brands sell high-quality, affordable products, but you must be keen and avoid extremely cheaper options because they are less reliable and can’t serve you longer than intended. Some may also have complications to the body due to the materials used to make them.  

Expensive ones are definitely of higher quality and can serve you longer without complications such as health care concerns. When selecting ideal products based on the cost, you need some online research. Compare the prices on sites doing reviews and read about customer reviews on various websites. The research will help you understand how to select affordable and high-quality products. It can also help you select affordable brands to meet your budgetary needs.  

5. Know The Absorbency Levels 

Incontinence products have different absorbency levels based on the materials used for manufacturing, integrated technology, and other needs. Most brands will indicate the absorbency levels based on the amount of fluids in liters it can contain. You may not exactly tell the fluids, but brands use other guidelines, such as durations, to inform you how long you should take to change the products. 

A high absorbency product has a thick inner core that contains all the fluids regardless of the amount and stays intact without sagging or leaking. If you have light to moderate incontinence, you can select those with medium absorbency levels or those you need to change after about three houses. The ideal option for those with high incontinence is high-absorbency products or those labeled to last for about six hours and above. 

6. Consider Material and Technology 

These two factors may not be a significant consideration for many, but they significantly influence the impact of products on you. They determine how long the product will last and when you need a changeover. For frequent users, they prevent odors, and nobody can tell you have incontinence, or you are putting on diapers. A good incontinence diaper should have an odor and heat prevention technologies integrated.  

These technologies prevent the fluids from sipping upwards when sitted and form a protective layer that prevents the heat from fluids stored in the core from escaping and burning the body to cause rashes, itches, or dry skin. If you need a comfortable pad or diaper, especially when you use the products frequently, you need to read the labels to understand the materials used. They should be soft ad gentle on the skin leading to comfort in using them for a longer duration. Selecting the wrong materials may lead to conditions such as noise or skin infections. 


Incontinence products are available in different sizes, materials, and absorbency levels and for different needs. Most of them are affordable and will effectively meet your needs without complications if you select the right products. You can also select disposable and reusable products; however, the selection will depend on your budget and condition.  

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