Outdated Web Design Trends You Must Give Up Now

Site design is one of the first few things which grab user attention and compel them to explore it in detail. They may find issues later and decide to quit the site. Some sites have a poorly engaging design which makes the user skip them without exploring. Most site owners refer to website design trends to increase the probability of higher user traffic.

Not all design trends are effective and functional, or they may not serve the purpose of your site. One of the biggest issues is that site owners stick to outdated design trends and watch their user traffic decline. Staying updated with changing times is extremely crucial, and you must implement it in your site design.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to get your hands on outdated web design trends you must give up now and re-attract your declining traffic.

Top 6 Outdated Web Design Trends You Need to Ignore

Ensuring a perfectly engaging and attractive website design is the wish of every site owner. It makes them explore the latest design trends and pick the one they like for sure success. However, they often end up using outdated trends, which causes more harm than good.

Here are the most notable outdated web design trends you must ignore in order to continue attracting higher user traffic.

Sliding Screen

The sliding screen is the most outdated website design trend you must give up now. The design usually included pictures of products or services which slide across the screen to grab the attention of the users. It was quite a popular design; however, it is not anymore. The sliding screen comes with accessibility issues and does not follow ADA compliance. Exploring the information shared in slides can be challenging for people with learning disabilities. Many site owners hire web design Dubai experts to get ADA-compliant sites with the latest designs.

Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu is another outdated design trend you need to give up now. The design trend was quite popular and common in the past but not anymore. It includes a main icon which opens up a long list of options. It was supposed to offer a simplified design while utilizing little space. However, it does not serve the purpose as the enlarged menu covers screen space and hinders the ease of usage. There are multiple other menu design options you can explore and pick for your site. If you cannot do it on your own, leave the task to expert designers and enjoy the end results.

Stock Photos

Stock photos are the next outdated design trend you should think twice before using for your site. Such photos are easily available and meant to be used in magazines and site design. Due to this, hundreds of other sites are likely to use the same photo. It compromises the reliability and authenticity of a site and makes the user question its effectiveness. On the contrary, using authentic pictures or illustrations will boost the interest and trust of the site’s users. You can search for less common stock photos if you must use them.

Flashy Font

Flashy fonts are the next outdated design trend you need to give up now. The design was common and acceptable when the internet and websites had just become popular. The flashy fonts attracted the users and helped them grab the information they needed. There were fewer users and less competition among sites. However, the situation has changed significantly now. The users do not want to waste their time with flashy sites and fonts. Such fonts hinder readability, due to which they are not ADA-compliant. Utilize readable fonts to attract more user traffic.


Pop-ups are one of the most annoying and outdated design trends you should never use again. The purpose of pop-ups is to attract the attention of the users in an instant and share some important pieces of information. However, now they are mostly used for advertisements. They distract the users and hinder a perfect site experience. It may even negatively impact their willingness to continue using the site. So, if you do not want to face a sharp decline in user traffic, you must give up on pop-ups. You can share important information in numerous other attractive ways.

Endless Scrolling

Endless scrolling is the last outdated design trend you should never incorporate into your site again. It may save you the hassle of creating and managing multiple site pages; however, it really annoys the users. They keep scrolling down the site to avoid missing out on important information. It hinders their ability to land directly on the point they need to explore. Moreover, endless scrolling makes them question if it is really worth their time. You can hire web design services and let experts utilize the latest and functional trends for higher user traffic.

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