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Simple Drawing For Kids merry Christmas! We created a new drawing lesson for you today. You can see that we will demonstrate how to draw Santa Claus. Later, thanks to the Dutch sailors who traveled to Asia Minor, St. Nicholas gained notoriety in Europe.

When Clement Clarke Moore published poetry about St. Nicholas for his children in the 19th century, St. Nicholas gained notoriety in the United States. In early writings, Saint Nicholas already flew in a reindeer-drawn sleigh.

These were only detours from the paramount reputation that Santa Claus gained through the Coca-Cola advertising campaign in the early 1930s of the XXth century, which used the brand’s corporate red hues and the red Santa Claus robe.

Step By Step Drawing For Kids


  • Let’s make a stick figure. You can notice that we have a small and chubby build. The width of the chest and the width of the pelvis are nearly similar.
  • This physique type is only present in ladies and fat guys. By the way, keep in mind that the initial steps should be completed with very light lines since we will need to delete them in the next ones.


  • The previous action was crucial. Check your stickman’s proportions before moving on to the next phase. Draw two intersecting lines first, as they will later be used to assist us in drawing the face’s details. And now, we create a silhouette of our Santa Claus using circles and cylinders. Remember that Santa needs to have a big enough belly and arms.


  • Without a beard and headgear, no Santa is complete. So let’s sketch the cap and beard’s outline. Sketch the design of our Santa’s outfit in the same phase. As you can see, the beard’s length is approximately the same as the head’s.


  • Okay, we already have a fantastic outcome. Let’s keep sketching. Simple Drawing For Kids Santa Claus’s eyes, brows, and nose will be drawn in this step. Eyes should be sufficiently small. Don’t forget to remove the boom, which should be placed above the eyes.


  • So, we’ll keep with the drawing tutorial in which we demonstrate the steps for drawing Santa Claus. The next stage will be considerably more straightforward than the last one. Just sketch the coat and the belt with dark, distinct lines.


  • Let’s now sketch weapons. Palms ought to be appropriately smaller than sleeves. Draw folds on the fabric and the bag, don’t forget. Remember to remove all extraneous guidelines from the arms and the remainder of the upper body, too.


  • And this drawing tutorial is essentially over at this point. We’ll go into detail about pants and boots in this phase. Let’s outline the legs with distinct, dark lines and eliminate extraneous ones. You can also make out some of the details you need to draw. These specifics are:
  • The pants’ creases.
  • Shoes with buckles.
  • The bottoms.


  • Overlaying shadows will be the final step. The bag, sleeves, coat, pants, and a good portion of the beard should all have them. Don’t forget that we employ traditional hatching to depict shadows.
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